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86e33dee4a89a8879a26487051c216a8?d=identicon&s=25 Michael Fellinger (Guest)
on 2007-07-21 15:19
(Received via mailing list)
This time we are proud to announce Version 0.1.3 of the Ramaze
framework, a
light and modular open source web framework.

Since the last release some polishing and improvements have been made,
it seems
like Ramaze is now mostly feature-complete.

An extensive set of specs is covering almost every detail of the
and usage. It is developed by several people and already in
production-use at
some companies.

Home page:
IRC: #ramaze on

Short summary of changes from 0.1.2 to 0.1.3:

  - Better error handling

  - Many bugs fixed

  - Some speedup

  - Lots of docs added

  - Smoother sourcereload

  - New Wiki example

  - jQuery

A complete Changelog is available at

Known issues:

  - Haml: either use Haml version 1.5.2 or require ActionPack.

  - Builds on top of the recently released Rack library, which provides
easy use
    of adapters like Mongrel, WEBrick, CGI or FCGI.

  - Supports a wide range of templating-engines like:
      Amrita2, Erubis, Haml, Liquid, Markaby, Remarkably and its own
      called Ezamar.

  - Highly modular structure, you can just use the parts you like. This
      means that it's very simple to add your own customizations.

  - A variety of helpers is already available, giving you things like
      caching, OpenID-authentication or aspect-oriented programming for

  - It is possible to use the ORM you like, be it ActiveRecord, Og,
Kansas or
      something more simplistic like a wrapper around YAML::Store.

  - Good documentation: although we don't have 100% (dcov says around
      documentation right now, just about every part of Ramaze is
covered with
      basic and advanced docs.
      There are a variety of examples and a tutorial available.

  - Friendly community: lastly, but still quite important, there are
people from
      all over the world using Ramaze, so you can get almost instant
help and

For more information please come to or ask
on IRC (irc://

Thank you,
Michael 'manveru' Fellinger and the Ramaze community
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