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on 2007-07-21 14:46
Hi all,

currently I'm writing my bachelor thesis which is about efficient web
development by using Ruby On Rails.
In order to be able to present any result I would need to ask you for
your help:
1. The easy one: take part at my online survey

2. Here I need more than five minutes of your time:
I would ask you to create a blog application in Rails and then send me
the source code and tell me about the time you needed to implement it.
That's the important criteria for me:
  - The time you spent to create the blog
  - The LOC used to create the blog
It wouldn't be a presentable result if I would be the only one who
implements the blog because I'm not a well experienced programmer.
That's why I need the help of the community.

Here's the detailed description of the functionality of the blog:
To keep it as simple as possible there is no user nor a role handling.
Every visitor is allowed to submit a post and to add comments for the
Design issues aren't important either. Just the functionality is
important in order to keep it as simple as possible.
Take a look at the use case and the class diagram to find out the
functions that should be implemented:

In the "display posts" function I mean that all posts should be
displayed in a list whith title, create date, body, user and all
according comments. It's not necessary to delete post or comments. It's
not necessary to edit comments.

If you are finished just send me your results to

I know that we all are running out of time every day but it would be
really helpful for me if you take some time to take part at my bachelor

If you have any comments, questions or feedback don't hesitate to
contact me (

Thanks in advance
best regards

PS: Of course I will mention each user who helped me on the
Thank-You-Page... :)
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