Forum: Ferret Ferret not building index successfully all of a sudden

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525128e48ca2b4c7fb6176ea166fccfd?d=identicon&s=25 Eric G. (gotskill10)
on 2007-07-21 05:22
I've been using acts_as_ferret for a couple of months now. Everything
was going fine. Suddenly, however, when I try to rebuild my index, only
1 of the 2 models I index gets indexed correctly.

Looking in the ferret_server logs, it says that both were successfully
rebuilt. However, one of the indexes has no data in the folder. The
other was index correctly.

The odd thing is that this only happens on my production environment
where I have a DRB server. I think it might have something to do with
this DRB folder but Im not sure.

Again, it throws no errors, and says the rebuild was successful. I
haven't changed any code relating to my search or the indexing fields

Do you guys have any ideas what happened?
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