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Bef8474ed2205be6c37e821bb741afec?d=identicon&s=25 William Morgan (Guest)
on 2007-07-19 00:31
(Received via mailing list)
Sup version 0.1 has been released!

Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email.
It supports tagging, very fast full-text search, automatic contact-
list management, and more. If you're the type of person who treats
email as an extension of your long-term memory, Sup is for you.


== 0.1 / 2007-07-17
* MIME attachment creation.
* i18n support: character set conversion and rfc2047 header decoding.
* Better MIME handling.
* Multiple account support.
* Locking and concurrent Sup process detection and killation.
* Thread autoloading when you scroll down.
* Batch deletion of messages marked deleted or spam from message
  sources via sup-sync-back tool (mbox only).
* Millions of bugfixes.
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