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Ee7d2f3b20c8a8c9ef017c28a2c0ae67?d=identicon&s=25 Chirag Mistry (ruby_chirag)
on 2007-07-18 07:03

We have downloaded the Ruby 1.9 source code from the link
“” and we tried to compile the
code but we got following error and “make” fails at the execution of
command “./miniruby  ./mkconfig.rb -timestamp=.rbconfig.time
-install_name=ruby -so_name=ruby rbconfig.rb”. Please give your reply
about solution of this error so we can successfully compile and install
ruby1.9 package. Please also tell us if there are any prerequisites for
successful compilation/installation of ruby1.9 package.

Machine/OS information for our machine:
OS: GNU/Linux
Kernel: 2.4.21-40.ELsmp
Kernel Version: #1 SMP Thu Feb 2 22:22:39 EST 2006
Processor: i686
Hardware-platform - i386

rbconfig.rb unchanged
`method_missing': private method `open' called for false:FalseClass
`rescue in block in touch'
`block in touch'
        from ./mkconfig.rb:188:in `<main>'
make: *** [.rbconfig.time] Error 1


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