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on 2007-07-13 02:42
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I would like to see the code too. There are some transliteration sites
such as
I tested the Arabic version, it is not ok. However, if you are thinking
of developing your own program , I suggest that you use IPA system and
stay away from phonemes.


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> 3.  Lastly, i wrote some translit scripts about two years ago (for
> about two dozen languages, Romance languages, Germanic, and Slavic);
> they are in C++ (absolutely no reason i did not code in Ruby other
> than i didn't know it well enough at the time); I put them in one of
> the major C++ repositories.  If you have SVN and want these, let me
> know.
> HTH,
> -alex

Thanks for the help. I would definitley like to see those pieces of

Thanks much.

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