Forum: Ferret is it possible to get id of the matched field?

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B8b6b13cc4878c54422c04a6890a0c23?d=identicon&s=25 Andrew Butvin (andrewb)
on 2007-07-12 12:54
i want to create link on the matched field:

f.e. i have person and phone models.

class Person < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :phones
  acts_as_ferret :fields => [:phone_numbers]

  def phone_numbers
   phones.collect{|phone| phone.number}

search result's page lists out people with matched phone_numbers

i want to create link on matched phone_number to get edit_phone page,
for instance. So I have to get the id of the phone with matched

is there any opportunity to do it without another search in (additional)
phones index?
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