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A4a3266a04bd8fb9935fa5684e14d6ef?d=identicon&s=25 Dustin Frisell (dustin)
on 2007-07-11 23:50
(Received via mailing list)
Hello -

I'm having a problem using the Live Tree plugin [1], which is designed
to create an Ajax-based tree visualization of an acts_as_tree
model.    I am embedding the Live Tree in a partial [id ='goals'], and
it works fine until I update the partial, such as by calling the
remote function "Merge".

When the _goals.rhtml is loaded, instead of loading the tree in the
partial, a Live Tree is written over the entire window, without style
sheets or javascript headers (so its functionality is impaired, and
the page never finishes loading).

<div id='goals'>
    <%= live_tree(:goal_tree, {
        :initial_data_root => @root,
    :include_parents => true,
    :showCheckboxes => showCheck,
    :depth => 5,
    }) %>

<%= link_to_remote "Merge", {:url=>"/event_trees/merge/
#{}",  :submit=>"goals",:update => 'goals',}, {}%>


Does anyone have suggestions about what to do here?  This problem has
appeared in the past [2] but was unresolved :(



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