Forum: Ruby ruby-debug with SciTE?

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Eda71a7571c2c99c4765f5fa2841664a?d=identicon&s=25 Wesley Rishel (wrishel)
on 2007-07-08 01:11
Using this combination I get double echoing of every letter I type into
the debugger. Is there a way to prevent this? Is there a preferred
environment for combining a wysiwig editor with the debugger?


   (rdb:1) bb  1111

   Set breakpoint 1 at DirScan.rb:11
   (rdb:1) cc

   Breakpoint 1 at DirScan.rb:11
   DirScan.rb:11 px =
   (rdb:1) pp  ppnnaammee

   "D:/Documents and Settings/wrishel/My Documents"
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