Forum: Ruby Color classes - beta release, request for feedback

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Cf7cd97cdc8ed7d4ae92965b24f0dfad?d=identicon&s=25 Stefan Rusterholz (apeiros)
on 2007-07-07 14:09
Hi there

Since I recently had a bit of free time I decided to practice C a bit
and wrote
an extension with color classes for ruby in C and ruby.
Color is a collection of classes to deal with colors. To
create, compare, store and manipulate them.
At the moment I try to get in contact with Austin Ziegler in order to
merge it
with the color gem he currently provides.
Until then you can get the beta here:
To install it, download the gem and then type: gem install

I hope for some response, I'm especially looking for input on:
  -The C code: since this is only my second extension written in C with
almost no prior
   C experience, input on the C code is most welcome.
  -Common#distance: Ideas for a perceptional distance. Also an open
   question is, whether it should include alpha or not.
   Personally I'm against including alpha (even though the
   current implementation includes it).
   My current thoughts go towards using cylindrical HSV with hue
   weighted more.
  -Color spaces/management: If there are people with knowledge
   about color spaces, please bring it on. Color spaces are
   required to make meaningful transformations between different color
   models, unlike the current purely theoretical implementations
   which are of little use in real applications. They are also
   required to do transformations to CIE XYZ/Lab.
  -Higher accuracy: The C implementation of RGB and CMYK both work
   with 8 bit per component, but there are e.g. already scanners
   which can deliver 12 bit per component. Is that a requirement?
   If yes, separate classes for that or beef up the existing ones?
  -#blend: alternative algorithms and general input
  -Named colors
  -Missing features - tell me what you'd like to have.

Please notice that it is still beta. There is still stuff I have in mind
to do
(e.g. port the test-units to the current setup and write more of them)

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