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C65fbc91799a72e3363a8031ea0c41e5?d=identicon&s=25 Robert Scott (rscott239)
on 2007-06-29 22:47
I wrote a simple app that displays the photos that I have stored in a
specified album. The view, as we would expect, just drops them all into
a grid table. In the database table, each photo has a record indicating
the path to the image, as well as 6 other values that correspond to
details about the photo.

With having a few dozen photos on the page, the next step is trying to
build a filter. On the top, I have a links that are generated for each
year that is present in the photo database table. Ideally, when I click
one, I would like to have the list refresh without refreshing the whole
page. I'd also like to build in support for multiple values.

My question is this...

Where do I start? Is this something that will require RoR with Ajax or
just DHTML layers since the photos are already loaded? Is there a
plug-in anywhere? Or perhaps a better approach? I'm stumped.
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