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on 2007-06-22 12:34
(Received via mailing list)
rcodetools is a collection of Ruby code manipulation tools. It includes
xmpfilter and editor-independent Ruby development helper tools, as well
emacs and vim interfaces.

Currently, rcodetools comprises:
 * xmpfilter: automagic Test::Unit assertions/RSpec expectations and
 * rct-complete: 100% accurate (editor-independent) code completion
 * rct-doc: document browsing and code navigator
 * rct-meth-args: precise method info (meta-programming aware) and TAGS
 * rct-fork: pre-load heavy library(Rails etc) and speed up
   rct-complete/rct-doc (server)
 * rct-fork-client: run Ruby programs from the current state of the
rct-fork server
 * ruby-toggle-file: toggle implementation file and test file
 * rbtest: embedded Test::Unit for small scripts

rcodetools includes and supersedes xmpfilter, which has been much
improved and
extended by rubikitch, ultimately resulting in the rct-* tools, which
almost entirely his work.

See for further information and for the

What's new
User-visible changes since 0.5.0
* "test-driven completion" (TDC) support for Emacs and vim (see
* --test (-t), --filename options for rct-complete and rct-doc, allowing
  specify the test to be run for 100% accurate completion/documentation
in the
  corresponding implementation
* ruby-toggle-file: finds the test file corresponding to a given
  implementation and vice versa
* rct-fork, rct-fork-client: allow to eliminate the overhead due to
  loading (esp. useful for Rails)
* rbtest: executes unit tests in a single Ruby script
* --fork, --rbtest, --detect-rbtest supported by several commands
* xmpfilter's --spec now autodetects the RSpec version and generates
  specifications with the appropriate syntax

rcodetools can be installed with RubyGems:

 gem install rcodetools

If you try this shortly after a release and you get an old version/a 404
error, please allow some time until the packages propagate to

rcodetools is available in tarball format. rcodetools' executables will
faster when installed this way, since RubyGems add a noticeable

rcodetools can be used with any editor, but the distribution includes
and vim interfaces (contributions for other editors are welcome); see
README.emacs and README.vim in the sources for more information.

Further usage info available at

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 rubikitch <>
Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Mauricio Fernandez <>

Use and distribution subject to the terms of the Ruby license.
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