Forum: Ruby on Rails spawn the fastCGI process

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75625d316b21295d0ed34b8a8a59ad1d?d=identicon&s=25 Dmitry Matveev (ziggy)
on 2007-05-28 11:21
I need to spawn the FastCGI process somehow. The purpose in the
following: i have some time-consuming requests and 2 fcgi process
normally. When such time-consuming request comes, it occupies the
fastcgi process complittely, and if two such requests come, all two
processes will be occupied and no more requests server can process.
So i need the way to allow background running of such time-consuming
actions (with the ability to pause/stop if user needs).
I found some (unclear) information about fcgispawner class, can it be
Any help is welcome!!!
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