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5cd805eda9338f43deaa498a22588a9f?d=identicon&s=25 Desert Penguin (desertpenguin)
on 2007-05-21 19:35
The select helper for fields_for does not properly handle settings for

In other words, fails to add any onchange options, but
x.text_field does

<%= c.text_field :carrier, :size=>"30", :onchange => "return
limitslist();" %>
correctly yields
<input id="coverage0_carrier" type="text" size="30" onchange="return
limitslist();" name="coverage0[carrier]"/>

<%= :cvg_desc, %w{ GL AL EL zz }, :onchange => "return
limitslist();" %>
<select id="coverage0_cvg_desc" name="coverage0[cvg_desc]">

Is this a known bug?

Thanks for any help
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