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Cfdeff3ac35010e4de8f85d954f24f4a?d=identicon&s=25 Vassilis Rizopoulos (Guest)
on 2007-05-21 19:33
(Received via mailing list)
rutema version 0.1 has been released!

It's purpose is to provide a set of classes and a framework that will
allow testers to specify and execute tests in heterogeneous testing

A heterogeneous testing environment would be one where several testing
tools are put to use, each with it's own scripts and ways to define
Rutema will allow you to combine tools, take care of logging, reporting,
archiving of results and formalize execution of automated and manual

For more information look at



== 0.1 / 2007-05-21
* A running system!
  * Basic XML parser with echo, command and prompt
  * email reporting
  * rutemax application
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