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on 2007-05-19 10:57
(Received via mailing list)
We've tagged our last release for Rails 1.1.6.

Expect a Rails 1.2 / Engines 1.2 compliant version within a few weeks.


Version 0.81
Upgrade steps:
    0. rake db:migrate:engines:substruct

    - Order confirmation page.
        - There are now 3 steps to order, but a more clear order summary
          is shown before an order is placed.
    - Ability to search orders by email address and notes field on the
    - NEW ADMIN REPORT: Orders by country.
    - Managing tags for products would throw error if you had no tags.
    - Order addresses were messed up on the admin side.
      - It was impossible/buggy to create a separate shipping address
        an order had been created. Fixed...
    - Updating order items from the admin side didn't properly save the
      cost for that order. Fixed order.rb by adding a before_save

seth at subimage interactive

seth at subimage interactive
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