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Ed2af9abb16c6d3c9f5d07cd8f2c8ffd?d=identicon&s=25 Thiago Jackiw (Guest)
on 2007-05-16 18:00
(Received via mailing list)
The acts_as_solr plugin v.0.8.5 has been released and this short
release includes:

FIX: There's no need to specify the :field_types anymore when doing a
search in a model that specifies a field type for a field. The field
types are automatically traced back when they're included

 class Electronic < ActiveRecord::Base
   acts_as_solr :fields => [{:price => :range_float}]

 Electronic.find_by_solr "ipod AND price:[* TO 59.99]"

FIX: Better handling of nil values from indexed fields. Solr
complained when indexing fields with field type and the field values
being passed as nils.

NEW: Adding Solr sort (order by) option to the search query (thanks
Kevin Hunt)

  #This will return the records in ascending order based on the price
  Electronic.find_by_solr "ipod AND price:[* TO 59.99]", :order =>
'price asc'

FIX: Applying patch suggested for increasing the Solr commit speed
(thanks Mourad Hammiche)
FIX: Updated documentation

web =>
svn  => svn://

*Note: the old address (  and
repository ( aren't being
updated anymore and will become obsolete by release version 1.0.
Please use the addresses mentioned above.

Have fun!

Thiago Jackiw
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