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B55aa8835b13b2cb20220aa357ede4b1?d=identicon&s=25 Charles L. (aquasync)
on 2007-05-13 08:55
ruby-msg is still, AFAIK, the best option for converting .msg files that
a) doesn't rely on you running outlook on windows to do the conversion;
b) is free software

1. download the gem
2. gem install ruby-msg-1.2.17.gem
3. convert some msg files. there is now a mbox mode - (msgtool -m *.msg
> mbox)

Details at, and at the wiki

Sample code using the library:

  require 'msg'

  msg = filename

  # access to the 3 main data stores
  # => [#<Recipient:'\'Marley, Bob\' <>'>]
  # => [#<Attachment filename='blah1.tif'>, #<Attachment
  # => #<Properties ... normalized_subject='Testing' ...
  # creation_time=#<DateTime: 2454042.45074714,0,2299161> ...>
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