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on 2007-05-03 18:56
(Received via mailing list)

I have started a project to created an open source electronic medical
record.  openEPRS will be an open source electronic medical record
built on Ruby on Rails and MySQL. openEPRS will feature support for
multiple facilities, role based security, scheduling and a complete
electronic medical record implementation. I hope this project will
serve as a solution for providers with limited budgets as well as a
research platform for web based health care applications.  Although I
have many years of development experience, I am new to Ruby, so please
be kind if you see something horribly wrong with the code while
browsing the code coverage reports.

You can visit the project wiki here:

If this looks interesting and you have a health care background,
register on our forum site:

and post what you think in the General Discussion forum.

Thank you,

Keith R. Davis
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