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B55aa8835b13b2cb20220aa357ede4b1?d=identicon&s=25 Charles L. (aquasync)
on 2007-04-29 07:03
Hi all,

ruby-msg is "A library for reading Outlook msg files, and for converting
them to RFC2822 emails."

I hadn't yet announced this ruby library/tool of mine yet, but this
release finally makes installation and use as easy as it should be.

It is, AFAIK, currently the best option for converting .msg files that
a) doesn't rely on you running outlook on windows to do the conversion;
b) is free software

1. download the gem
2. gem install ruby-msg-1.2.16.gem
3. convert some msg files (msgtool -c myemail.msg)

Details at

Also includes a complete read/write Ole::Storage library, which will be
separated for use in other projects shortly.

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