Forum: Ruby on Rails in_place_edit controller and "Missing template" error

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Eb2c5bf45b4a4749a19d5a1401855d90?d=identicon&s=25 nuno (Guest)
on 2007-04-24 17:47
Hello, I've this action which runs ok from a browser but fails from a
functional test :

def inplace_update
  tag = Tag.find(params[:id])
  tag.update_attributes!(:name => params[:value])
  render :text =>

In place editing works like a charm but when I :
def test_inplace_update
  xhr :post, :inplace_update, {:id =>2, :name => 'change_tag'}

I get this error "test_inplace_update(AdminTagsControllerTest):
ActionController::MissingTemplate: Missing template

I don't understand why the render :text is skipped when under test

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