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10d9ed7ab11115b081bb36f56a7a13bc?d=identicon&s=25 John Wilger (jwilger)
on 2007-04-24 05:10
(Received via mailing list)
Version: 20070423.0
Project site:

In November 2005, Jake Dempsey downloaded eXPlainPMT to use as a
sample application for learning Ruby on Rails.  In the year that past,
Jake worked along the way adding features into his forked version of
eXPlainPMT for his current employer.  Since October 2006, Jake has
been re-implementing his features and making small changes to existing
features based off of feedback he has received from the users of
eXPlainPMT. As of today, all of the features have been merged and we
now have a single version again.

Below is a listing of changes made for this release:

· Export of Stories from an iteration into Excel.

· Creation of Tasks for a given story.

· Ability to assign ownership to a Task.

· Export of Tasks from an iteration into Excel.

· Ability to create Acceptance Tests for a given story.

· Ability to create Acceptance Tests for later assignment or use as
System Acceptance.

· Ability to export Acceptance Tests into Excel.

· Added name to iteration's details.

· Changed backlog "Move Stories To" display to use iteration name
instead of date.

· Changed iteration "Move Stories To" display to use iteration name
instead of date.

· Migration to new table format and sorting mechanism. Sorts will be
saved between uses.

· Export of Stories from the backlog into Excel.

· Ability to clone Story.

· Ability to clone Acceptance Test.

· Task and Story view from Dashboard.

· Convert links to actionable dropdowns similar to Gmail.

· Refactoring of existing tables to new format and sorting mechanism.

· Add backlog links and story move functionality to bottom of backlog.

· Allow users to create projects

· Security model update to allow team members to add other team
members to a project.

· Project initiatives which allow for logical grouping of stories.

· Add ability to manage backlog as numerically sorted list.

· Burndown chart and project statistics.

· Convert user pages to popups

· Move up move down breaks on iteration view

· Add iteration to story table

· Refactoring for performance improvements.

· Add show all stories to backlog

· Add customer to story and story table

· Add team to users

· Releases (Currently just metadata)

· Remove subprojects

· Basic User Guide updated.

· RSS support for Story audit.

We have also created an install of eXPlainPMT at
You can login with demo/demo.  This install may become a free or very
low cost hosted version of eXPlainPMT.  Feel free to try it out and
let us know what you think at  We will also be
working on building a roadmap of items to come in the upcoming

John Wilger
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