Forum: GNU Radio interfacing DSP and USRP

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on 2007-04-23 16:57
(Received via mailing list)
hey guys ,
  i am doing a wimax module , the baseband is already implemented on DSP
using simulink and i am working on The RF stage on the usrp
  but the problem is how can i interface both of them togther i have 2
ideas :

  I have 2 ideas:

   is based mostly on software :
      using RTDX channels I think I can get the output from the dsp and
save it as .dat file (since USRP only handles raw files)
      Using a Virtual machine like VMware I can operate the linux under
      Using a virtual lan between windows and linux the .dat files can
be shared between both
      The o/p can be saved in sequential files to prevent the loss of an
output due to interface delays
      The o/p rate is 320bits/50 micro seconds

   is based on hardware :
      Using McBSP socket of DSP with 64 I/O pins on the USRP to make the
      but i heard that is one is very risky (specially i am so week in

  so what is the best solution for that and the downsides of each?
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