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Dc32e0513d1a0b086d2afa9311e9e472?d=identicon&s=25 Laurent Sansonetti (Guest)
on 2007-04-11 23:36
(Received via mailing list)
Hi rubyists,

I am honored to announce the immediate availability of RubyOSA 0.4.0.

RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the Apple Event Manager
infrastructure. It allows Ruby programs to automate Mac OS X
applications in the same way as AppleScript.

More information on the project home page:

The project home page has been completely revamped and the guide has
been improved.

This new release fixes some important issues, enhances the existing
features set and provides some new samples.

The complete release notes are following.


- Added the possibility to retrieve from an object specifier list object
  values of a given attribute, via the 'every' method ;
- Examples: iTunes/tag_genre_lastfm.rb (new revision that queries only
  once per artist), iTunes/name_that_tune.rb, Photoshop/new_doc.rb,
  Photoshop/new_doc_with_text.rb ;
- The rdoc-osa tool now supports scripting additions (via the
  argument) ;
- Added conversion support for color types ;
- Allow multiple enum values to be passed into the same argument
(packing them
  in an array) ;
- Merge an 'activate' method into application objects.

- Fixed the rdoc-osa tool for applications that do not have a name
command ;
- Fixed 'msng' type conversions ;
- Do not fail if a description attribute has an empty value ;
- Do not fail if a class inherits from a class that hasn't been defined
yet ;
- When converting an Hash object to OSA, property convert Array values ;
- Convert type-less Float objects to OSA ;
- Added the :size attribute as a shortcut to :point_size ;
- Fixed the rdoc-osa tool to work when RubyGems isn't available in the
machine ;
- Make sure to include a 'subj' attribute to apple events without direct
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