Forum: Ruby on Rails Does Ruby 1.8.6 fix the Breakpointer problem?

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D3fc5887a2f39f2e0c8989d39ce5e6f9?d=identicon&s=25 Bharat Ruparel (bruparel)
on 2007-04-11 18:06
Does anyone here know if Ruby 1.8.6 fixes the "BreakPointer" problem in
Rails?  The reason I ask is that I have been working with Curt Hibb's
InstantRails in Window (at last I have found a usable Rails system on
Windows).  Currently, I am on InstantRails 1.6, but Curt has made
available InstantRails 1.7 which has the following components:

Instant Rails 1.7 contains the following major changes:

* Upgrades Ruby to version 1.8.6
* Upgrades Rails to 1.2.3
* Upgrades phpMyAdmin to version

Frankly, I am not at a stage where the latest and greatest matters to me
since I am still learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails and InstantRails 1.6
has worked fine for me.  But if there is a compeling reason to upgrade
from Ruby 1.8.5 to Ruby 1.8.6, or from Rails 1.2.2 to Rails 1.2.3 then I
am not vested into any versions either since I don't have any projects
in production.

The only thing that I miss is the BreakPointer in "old" rails which I
had when I started learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails last November.

Thanks for your time in advance and a big thank you to Curt again for
making this fine package available to the Ruby and Ruby on Rails
community which makes it usable on Windows.  Unfortunately, I have to be
on Windows majority of times due to job related reasons, but Curt's work
has made is possible for me to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails without having
to reboot my dual boot machine all the time to go over to my preferred
Fedora Core 5 installation.

D1f1c20467562fc1d8c8aa0d328def62?d=identicon&s=25 Florian Gilcher (skade)
on 2007-04-11 18:26
Ruby 1.8.6 will not fix the breakpointer-problem - thats for sure. The
breakpointer relies on Binding.of_caller. Binding.of_caller itself uses
an unintended behaviour of the ruby interpreter which was fixed in Ruby
1.8.5. Until Rails integrates a fix for this, breakpointer will be

There are other tools to accomplish what breakpointer does, for example , which has far more features
(which also means that it is not as simple as breakpointer...).
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