Forum: Ruby on Rails testing helper link completely fails!

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8d4c3605bb2853f5088f8719d352f3cd?d=identicon&s=25 Clem Rock (clemrock)
on 2007-04-11 07:40

    I'm making a simple sort helper link that works great.  When I go to
write it it fails miserably.

Here's the method (forms_helper.rb):

def sort_link(title, params_order, up_img_link, down_img_link,
    params_order == options[:order] ? link_to(title, options) +' '+
link_to(image_tag(sort_img), options) : link_to(title, options)
#image_link = link_to(image_tag(up_img_link), options)

And the test (forms_helper_test.rb):
def test_sort_link
    @params_order = {}
    up_sort_link = sort_link('Test sort link',
@params_order['spaces.title '], '../../images/shared/arrow_down.gif',
'../../images/shared/arrow_up.gif', {:order => 'spaces.title ', :sortd
=> 'ASC', :page => 1})


And the error that test throws:
No url can be generated for the hash {:order=>"spaces.title ",
:sortd=>"ASC", :page=>"

Now - it's obvious that I didn't even get a chance to set the
up_sort_link var to any assertions to test because the error was
generated by just trying to call the method in the test.

Any ideas
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