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75f2022f13e4e677d080a2009c8a6dfb?d=identicon&s=25 Francesco Lunelli (Guest)
on 2007-04-03 17:01
(Received via mailing list)
Hello to everybody,
I am new to this list, I am starting ti develop web sites using Radiant
0.5.2 and I have one question.
I need to create a list of articles using two alternate styles for odd
or even members of the list.
I mean something like this:
<div class="Style1">Post 1</div>
<div class="Style2">Post 2</div>
<div class="Style1">Post 3</div>
Using children:each I got all posts with the same style, I tried to
create a children_alternate tag, but I think I haven't understood how
radius tags works.
I created a each_odd and a each_even tag, but using them I get all even
post grouped together and all even posts grouped together not in
alternate style.
Is there a way to obtain what I need?
If I am not wrong radius computes the block passed to it and give back
the result and the block is the code between for example the open and
the close "children:each" tag. Is it right? So it should be better to
pass some option to each to obtain an alternate style... or not?

Thanks in advance

Francesco Lunelli
Ymir s.r.l.
Viale Verona 190/11
38100 Trento
8802b1fa1b53e2197beea9454244f847?d=identicon&s=25 Sean Cribbs (Guest)
on 2007-04-03 17:24
(Received via mailing list)
0.6/Mental has the <r:cycle /> tag.  It could easily be backported to
0.5.2 as it doesn't use anything special in 0.6/Mental.

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