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on 2007-04-03 13:36
(Received via mailing list)

I recently deployed typo latest installation on my blog and with a
couple of days of messing up was able to finally make it run. every
thing worked fine while I was working with Firefox untill I fired the
page with IE, the publish page where you write articles does not work in
IE. the problem is ajax preview pane, the moment you write any thing in
article title or body the preview pane loads and IE browser gives an
unknown error all it says is :

The webpage cannot be displayed,
Most likely cause:Some content or files on this webpage require a
that you don't have installed.

can any body help me how to get rid rid of this error.
I even tried to integrate FCKeditor, I can get a window pane with it but
the problem persists since the preview still loads something that IE
doesnt like.
what is the work around for this has any body any patches.
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