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on 2007-04-01 22:19
Hi all,

Sense & value, a new web plaftorm editor (start-up) co-founded by 2
young guys from Yahoo! & Ebay looking after a passionate, ambitious,
Communicative & responsible developper to become our CTO and co-founder.

Our first platform is a very ambitious "niche" social network (expertize
of the co-founders on social networking products & marketing...). Our
mission is to impact life. We have the business plan for the 3 coming
years, contacts for deals, and some love money to invest on.

Technical execution is crucial to our success. Remember Friendster
technical issues that caused the bad delivery versus Myspace... Our new
co-cofonder will have the responsability to evangelise his technological
choices (Ruby or PHP... Registration restriction to ensure the product
performances...) and to develop the first components of the platform.

We don't care about age, education & location. What we want is mainly
passion cause good work  can't exist without it.

Contact us : jobs (at)

Greg & Carl
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