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Ae0ffe777bae0d28c327df5c8cfe3c32?d=identicon&s=25 Matt Woodhams (mwoodhams)
on 2007-03-28 07:38
Hello all, I am trying to search for links specific filetypes within a
set of google results. I am not really sure how to explain this, I'll
try by giving an example.
Say I search for "ajax", google will give me 10 results, what I want to
do is search within each of those 10 results for all the links with a
specific filetype. say the filetype was .html, I would like to lists all
the links inside those 10 initial results that end with .html.
Something like what the following demos do (their in php):

Thanks in advance, I hope I explained myself ok, any help would be
greatly apreciated,


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