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Fc582698581884352e745d1d4c64699d?d=identicon&s=25 Joshua Muheim (josh)
on 2007-03-22 20:40
Hi all

I have made a small custom FormBuilder.

So far I have the code stored in a test Rails project in the
application_helper.rb file.

Now I read the short book "Extending Rails beyond the Core" that gave me
some great input about how to create plugins and share them using SVN.

But now I'm quite unsure what's the best way to go on... My first
thought was to create the plugin structure in my test Rails project and
move the related code to this folder:


Then I could easily import only my_custom_form_builder to my SVN
repository and from there I could check it out as a real plugin.

So far, so good. But sadly the plugins are only read from Webrick when
booting, so when I decide to add some improvements I have to restart it
every time a change *anything*, right? So I guess there's a better way
for this?

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