Forum: Ruby Showcasing dynamic soap proxy with wsdlDriver

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6f06fa1fa7b91b67c4c1078a746146d6?d=identicon&s=25 Matt Pruden (mpruden)
on 2007-03-20 23:42
I'm attempting to convince some naysayers on the values of dynamic
languages by creating a fully dynamic SOAP proxy at runtime.
wsdlDriverFactory is working like a champ.  I have two questions.  1) At
runtime, how do I determine what methods were added dynamically to the
rpc driver and 2) how do I determine the structure of the parameter hash
to be passed to a given method?  For example:

ws_client ="http://mywsdl").create_rpc_driver
# works great

# ... a big list of methods, is there anyway to see just those that were
specified in the wsdl?

some_response = ws_client.mySoapMethod(:key1 => value1)
# Is there some way to understand what arguments (keys, values) the
method expects programmatically at runtime?
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