Forum: Ruby One-Click Ruby Installer 1.8.6-25 released!

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C475cffda1800fbc3f3af17bc10c220f?d=identicon&s=25 Curt Hibbs (Guest)
on 2007-03-18 07:08
(Received via mailing list)
This release of the One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows upgrades Ruby
the recently released 1.8.6 version. That's it... no other changes!

As always, you can download the One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows

Bugs in Ruby itself should be e-mailed to

Bugs in the installer should be reported at:


    Ruby Installer for Windows
       Ruby Version 1.8.6
      Installer Version 186-25

Contents:           Version:
--------            --------
ruby-mswin32        ruby-1.8.6
zlib-lib            1.2.3
ZLib                0.6.0
RubyGems            0.9.2
Rake                0.7.2
RubySrc             1.8.6
FXRuby              1.6.6
FXri                0.3.6
SciTE               1.72
OpenGL              0.23b
GLUT                3.7.6
SWin                060205
VRuby               060223
Expat               2.0.0
XMLParser           0.6.8
Hpricot             0.4
RubyDBI             0.1.1
DBD/ODBC            0.9994
windows-pr          0.6.2
win32-file-stat     1.2.3
win32-file          0.5.3
win32-clipboard     0.4.1
win32-dir           0.3.1
win32-eventlog      0.4.3
win32-process       0.5.1
win32-sapi          0.1.3
win32-sound         0.4.0
log4r               1.0.5
Programming Ruby    1st Edition
OpenSSL             0.9.8d
Iconv               1.8
readline            4.3-2
PDCurses            2.60-1
GDBM                1.8.3-1
Installer-Patches   1.8.5

1. This version was compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ 6, not Cygwin.
As a
result, some I/O functionality -- particularly those involving the Unix
fork() system call and pipes -- will not work. The benefit of using MSVC
to have a more stable and reliable version of Ruby.

2. Previous versions of the One-Click Installer contained an (old)
of Tcl/Tk. Now this installer only contains the Ruby bindings to
version of Tcl/Tk you wish to install. We recommend ActiveTcl:
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