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3b80a21309877bb28bd84d8afb65b04c?d=identicon&s=25 Rama Singh (rama)
on 2007-03-15 04:17
I want to use IceRuby in RubyOnRail.
I got success in getting output using IceRuby in "tst.rb" example file.
but i get output in my command prompt.
My prob, is i want to use my example script "tst.rb" in my RubyonRail
controller, but i don't know where to put my example script, in which
folder & how i can call my "tst.rb" in my controller.
my example script is like this :
require 'Ice'


class Client < Ice::Application
    def run(args)
app =
exit(app.main(ARGV, "config.client"))

I don't know how i call this script in my controller

Can you help me.


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