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A0ed4592e6091f69226bd79c84488cb6?d=identicon&s=25 Vincent Bijman (ghosty)
on 2007-03-12 12:25
Hi people i have a very strange problem.

I am using a lifesearch function which you can place some text in.
Only When i get the Post in the Controller the variable gives me this

placedtext=     ... The equal sign gets placed at the end of the

This is My Livesearch code which is placed in the view.


&nbsp;<%= text_field_tag :searchtext %>

<%= observe_field(:searchtext,
:frequency => 4.0,
:update => :search_hits,
:loading => "'spinner')",
:complete => "Element.hide('spinner')" ,
:url => { :controller => "domain", :action => "domain_search" }) %>

<div id="search_hits"></div>

This is the code that gets the post variable so i can do stuff with it.

@entered_text= request.raw_post || request.query_string (actually both
give the same result)

When i do puts @entered_text ic for example instead of

Gsub did not work an split functions also do not remove the = sign......

I used this function before and stupid enough it did not do it like
that(and i am sure it aint the drugs that i have been taking to ease the
pain  ).
The only difference is i work on a Imac instead of Windows XP but i
guess thats not the problem aswel...... Hope someone can help me out, or
i have to go back to a sumbit button again.


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