Ym4r troubles


I am trying to get the ym4r gem and plugin working, as I am trying to
get a google maps application going. When I try to install it, nothing
seems to happen. I have installed the gem, and get this output:
Attempting local installation of ‘ym4r’
Local gem file not found: ym4r*.gem
Attempting remote installation of ‘ym4r’
Successfully installed ym4r-0.5.2
Installing RDoc documentation for ym4r-0.5.2…

So that seems to work alright. However, when I try to install the
plugin (using “ruby script/plugin install
svn://rubyforge.org/var/svn/ym4r/Plugins/GM/trunk/ym4r_gm” from within
my rails app main dir), I get no additional output or anything. I
checked in the projects config dir for the gmaps_api_key.yml file, and
it is not there. Trying a simple test to get a map loaded also gave me
the error that GMap was unknown.

This seems like it should be a pretty straight forward install. Am I
missing something, or has anybody else had similar issues?



The ym4r_gm plugin replaces the gem, I believe (see
Relation between the YM4R gem and the YM4R/GM plugin). Check that you’ve
actually got a folder vendor/plugins/ym4r_gm – if you have you’ve
installed the plugin.


The issue ended up being that I needed to have subversion installed to
properly issue the “ruby script/plugin install svn://…” command.
Once I went to the subversion site, downloaded and installed the newest
version for my OS, the install worked flawlessly.


Hello G.s,

I would like to programme a modulare application. I don’t want to
unpack the scripts of my modules into different folders
(app/controllers, app/modules, etc.). I would like to pack my modules
in one folder and integrate it in my application.

An example could look like this:


Is this possible in Ruby on Rails? How is it possible? Where should I
configure such an application?

Kind regards, Lars

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