Xml rpc client

I am doing a xml rpc client.

Is there a way to display what I’m sending to the server???

This is the code:

class OrderApi < ActionWebService::API::Base

api_method :IPLWSNroDisponible,

         :expects => [{:app_key => :string},

                      {:number_type => :string},

                      {:number_sub_type => :string},

                      {:capcode_category_number => :string},

                      {:customer_id => :int}],

         :returns => [:int]



clientXmlRpc = ActionWebService::Client::XmlRpc.new(OrderApi,
http://localhost/”, :handler_name => “iplan”)

KEY = “a6d84317d265f0f7ed56558d1131090b”

nro = clientXmlRpc.IPLWSNroDisponible(KEY, “TELEPHONY”, “ATX”, “NULL”,

rescue Exception => exc

puts exc.message + "\n"


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