WxRuby, Ruby 2.0, and Windows 7

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the update.

Did a rebuild, got errors:

compiling wxFontPicker.cpp
wxFontPicker.cpp:23:1: error: no member named ‘GetSelectedColour’ in
‘wxFontPickerCtrl’; did you mean ‘GetSelectedFont’?
./main.hpp:423:52: note: expanded from macro ‘macro_attr’
#define macro_attr(attr,type)
:107:1: note: expanded from here

hm ok GetSelectedColour seems new,
needed to write my own method for mkmf to check for its existence …
(otherwise i would needed to check the wx version and this might not be
the right one)

hm or you test it against wxtrunk …

Hi, is there any update on WxRuby working with Ruby 2.x??

2014-05-06 8:30 GMT+02:00 Hans M. [email protected]: