Working With Rails: Beta testing invite (limited signup)

I’m posting an open invite for anyone wishing to try out a preview
release of our new community driven site: Working With Rails.

Background: “The Working With Rails wiki page provided the starting
point for this project. It gives an insight into the developers working
in the Rails community and where they are from. We wanted to expand upon
this concept incorporating a tool for finding and locating developers,
gauging trends and seeing who is in whose sphere of influence.”

If you are interested in getting an early preview and are willing to
participate in some feedback please drop an email asap to:

[email protected]

or reply with your name and email on this thread.

Thanks for your time,
Lead Developer. DSC

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Just a quick note to say we
will be accepting applications up until 3pm today (GMT) - 14th Nov.