Why my application_helper is cached all the way?

I have put my rails app to production environment under linux. And now i
have changed the source of the file application_helper, however,no
matter how i restart the app(restart mongrel and restart apache or even
restart the computer) and delete all the caches under tmp/cache, the
methods in the application_helper does not change at all,even i delete
the file application_helper.rb,the old helper method still works, very
strange,now i even does not have any method to let my new
application_helper.rb worked!

I’m not sure this will help, bu how are you deploying? If it’s using
capistrano, be aware that it updates the symlink “current” to point to a
directory every time you deploy. If you happened to be ssh-ed in, then
have to “cd” back to that directory. Otherwise you’ll be making changes
an old version of your app that’s not running.

This prolly will not happen if you restart the comp tho :wink:



this is really weird.
i would suggest waiting for a day and check again. sometimes ISPs have
cachers. (?)

Heri R.

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