Weird MissingTemplate error in production only


Hi Folks!

I’ve been using Rails for more than a year now and I’ve been
struggling with a very strange issue since last week. My Rails app
won’t render any template when running in production environment.

All actions (even the default behaviour when the action is left empty)
will fail in assert_existance_of_template_file.

If I force the full absolute path down the throat of my render :file
call, it won’t eventually raise the exception but nothing gets
rendered, the message in production.log seems incomplete (stops after
Rendering “foo/bar”, no benchmarking info) yet webrick returns with an
HTTP status code 200…

Rendering text or inline template works just fine both in development
and production.

I have the problem with both Ruby 1.8.2 and 1.8.4, tested on OS X
Tiger PPC and Intel as well as Debian sarge, both from packages and
built from source, no can do. All machines have the same version of
Rails. Not to mention that a lot of Rails app happily run in
production mode on those servers without major troubles…

I also forgot to say that the whole path to the files is readable.

I already spent countless hours trying to figure out what goes wrong
but I really can’t see what could I have done to cause that problem…

I’m supposed to ship that application and I can’t get it working in
production mode, it’s really embarassing to say the least… any help
will be very appreciated!