Want some extra cash?

Hi there,

I apologize if posting to this list is inappropriate for my subject,
but I’m looking for a talented developer for a small project. I’m sure
the rails-lists will have plenty of those.

What I want to offer is a short term job-contract, either as a project
employee, or on a consultancy-basis.

What I need is a web-developer able to quickly implement a small,
highly configurable engine for a web-based interview/scripted
conversation-system. Work will require at least occasional meetings in
Stockholm, full time work on-site is preferred for rapid communication.

The task will require a good ability to communicate requirements within
a small project, Swedish language is preferred.

If you are interested, please reply with your application to
[email protected]. Do include in your application: a
personal letter, references to previous work and projects, and a claim
for salary/fee if on consultant basis. Please keep the subject line.
Applications are accepted in Swedish or English.

Thank you for your time.

/ Ulrik
IPTV Engineer
Canal Digital Sweden