Volunteer RoR help for a non-profit? (point2good.org)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask the question, but it’s a good
place to start.

I am running Point2Good, a non-profit website built on RoR. P2G raises
money for charity by using Google Adwords for Search.

Version 1.0 was written by me, not a professional coder. I’m sure there
are many things I have done wrong or could have done better/differently.

I’m looking for one of 2 things,

a) a more experienced RoR developer who is willing to spend some time
looking at my configuration and code architecture to help me straighten
things out before I embark on the next revision, and

b) someone who is willing to donate some time to actually work on the
project along with me.

Any takers? (if not, then you’ll have to deal with an endless stream of
questions from me later…) Send email to: info at point2good dot org

Many thanks,


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