[Very OT] Which solution is better?!? iMac 20 + MacBook? or


Hello folks,

I’m going to buy a new apple computer and I’m a bit uncertain about
doing it. I think as our daily tasks are almost similar you smart guys
can help me to decide about it.

Which of the following plans seems better in your opinions (for
productivity, speed, any other goods…):

  1. Buying a 13 inch MacBook and a 20 inch iMac
  2. Buying a 17 inch MacBook Pro
  3. any other plan you suggest

Thank you all,

  • Dunnil

PS. I can’t pay more than 3K USD at the moment.


15" MacBook Pro + Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP 24" widescreen monitor +
iCurve + Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

I find this to be an awesome setup, the 17" MBP is just too much to
carry around I think.