Validating collections


I saw this issue addressed in mid-January under the
heading ‘TIP: Using field_error_proc to add style
attributes to form elements’, but I didn’t quite get

I have a collection of objects that I want to input in
one form and validate (during update). The suggestion
in the post I referred to above was to use something
[in form]

<% for @comment in @post.comments %>
<%= text_field ‘comment[]’, ‘author’ %>
<%= text_field ‘comment[]’, ‘body’ %>
<% end %>
[in controller]
all_valid = @post.comments.all? { |c| c.valid? }
all_valid = @post.comments.inject(true) {|memo, c|
c.valid? && memo }
but I’m not sure how @post.comments gets filled. I
mean, I get how to send @post to the view, but when I
return to the controller for validation, what is
@post? And how does it relate to the data that was
passed in the form?

Brian Gates

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