Using a DIV or SPAN for a content_tag (link_to_remote)

I was wondering if there was an easy way to over ride the tag
that is used as the content_tag() value when using link_to_remote(),
perhaps using a SPAN or DIV. I see follow the chain in the source
code and I guess I could write my own helper, but I was wondering if
there was a way to do this already?

I know already that SPAN’s and DIV’s are not supported onclick
containers in IE 6, but it’s habbit for me to use them. Currently I
have done something like this which puts an a tag around my SPAN.

<%= link_to_remote( content_tag(“span”, “”, :class => “cssrulz”),
{ :url => { :controller => “bla”, :action =>
“destroy”, :id => },
:success => “new Effect.Fade(‘bla_#
{}’)” } ) %>

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