Url_for leave out 'index' action


I’m trying to reduce the size of urls in my app and i was wondering how
can get all links to an index action to leave out the ‘index’. In my
routes.rb, i have it setup to recognize the controller and default to
index action.

But is there a way to make it so that the ‘index’ portion in the url is
shown to the user? This is mostly a concern where in other controllers
use redirect_to and link_to that index action of a particular

For example: i have controller_a and i want to get to its index action.
know i can just use http://www.myapp.com/controller_a

but when i do link_to and redirect_to :controller => controller_a, it
controller_a/index in the url. I’d like to leave off the ‘index’

Thanks for the help.


can anyone help me out?