Url_for_file_column not working

Hi All
I am able to upload images but when I add the code to my view.rhtml
<%= image_tag url_for_file_column(“myimage”, “image1”, “medium” ) %>

I dont get the image displayed; the reason being some extra numbers are
added to the image file name.

For example when I loaded intro_image.jpeg; it has the right file name
in the database table.

When I check the view source on my displayed page, I see that it has the
following for the image file

see the 1151742564 after the question mark; I think that is the problem

any help is appreciated

The query string after the image url shouldn’t affect the actual loading
of the image - it’s still a valid url.

Are you sure the image actually exists? If you manually paste the
generated url into the address bar of your browser, does it look ok?


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