SwitchTower deployment hangs after HTTP Auth


I moved my Dreamhost respository to the web accessible one yesterday and
tried to deploy to the production server after updating the relevant
parameters in deploy.rb. However, the deploy process just hangs after
suppying auth credentials. I’ve attached the output below:

loading configuration c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/switchtower-0.10.0
loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb
executing task deploy
transaction: start
executing task update_code
querying latest revision…
Authentication realm: http://mydomain.comt:80 My App
Password for ‘user’: *******
Authentication realm: http://mydomain.com:80 My App
Username: user
Password for ‘user’: ********
executing “if [[ ! -d /home/user/mydomain.com/releases/20060208015034
]]; then\n svn co -q -r26 http://mydomain.com/app/trunk
/ /home/user/mydomain.com/releases/20060208015034 &&\n e
cho date +\"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S\" $USER 26 20060208015034 >>
/home/user/mydomain.com/revisions.log && chmod 666
visions.log;\n fi”
servers: [“mydomain.com”]
Password: xxxxxxxx

processing command
[mydomain.com] executing command
[out :: mydomain.com] Authentication realm: <http://mydomain.com:8
0> My App
[out :: mydomain.com] Password for ‘user’:
[out :: mydomain.com] subversion is asking for a password
[out :: mydomain.com] Authentication realm: <http://mydomain.com:8
0> My App
[out :: mydomain.com] Username:

I can perform a checkout of the new repository to my dev machine just
and I also cleared any cached auth data before retrying but to no avail.