Switchtower, CVS, and 'configuration.local'


I’m trying to get switchtower to work with CVS.

I see “querying latest revision…” and then it states “[update_code]
transaction: rollback”

I’m open to any and all suggestions at this point.

I put some logging statements in the switchtower code and it seems to
at this statement in switchtower-0.10.0/lib/switchtower/scm/cvs.rb

@latest_revision = cvs_log(configuration.local).

I can’t find ‘configuration.local’ anywhere.

Where is configuration local defined?



Try setting the :local variable to be the path to the local checkout
of your code (perhaps just “.”):

set :local, “.”

That is used for telling ST where to look for your project locally.
It should be defaulting to “.”, but apparently it is not. I’ll fix it
to make sure it defaults to “.”.

  • Jamis